45 Funny Disc Golf Team Names For A Good Laugh

If you’re part of a disc golf team, you know that having a great team name can add an extra level of fun to the game. A funny team name not only brings a smile to your opponents’ faces, but also boosts the morale of your teammates. Whether you’re looking for a clever pun or a witty play on words, we’ve got you covered with this list of 45 funny disc golf team names.

1. Disc in a Box: This clever name plays on the popular phrase “jack-in-a-box” and showcases your team’s ability to surprise your opponents with your disc golf skills.

2. The Disciples: Show off your dedication to the game with this punny team name that also pays homage to the original disciples.

3. Disc It to Me Baby: Channel your inner 70s disco vibe with this humorous twist on a classic line.

4. Fore-nicators: This team name is sure to turn heads and bring some laughs on the course. Just make sure to keep your throws safe!

5. Disc-O Inferno: Get the party started on the course with this fiery team name that’s sure to make your opponents dance to the sound of your throws.

6. The Disc-structionists: Show that your team is all about causing some serious “disc-struction” on the course.

7. The Disciples of Huk: A clever wordplay on the popular phrase “the disciples of hip-hop” that shows your team’s dedication to the art of throwing.

8. The Discy Business: This catchy team name combines a classic movie title with a disc golf twist, showcasing your team’s professionalism on the course.

9. The Discy Divas: If your team is all about style and finesse, this team name is perfect to show off your fabulous disc golf skills.

10. The Throwing Turtles: Show that slow and steady wins the race with this cute and funny team name.

11. Disc Vader: Embrace the dark side of the force with this punny team name that will surely intimidate your opponents on the course.

12. The Disc-masters: Show that your team is the master of disc golf with this confident and hilarious team name.

13. The Disc-hibitionists: Show off your bold and daring shots with this team name that’s sure to grab attention on the course.

14. The Frolfing Fools: Embrace the fun and silly side of the game with this playful team name that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

15. Disc-y Business: This twist on a classic movie title showcases your team’s ability to get down to business on the course.

With so many hilarious team names to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly captures the spirit of your disc golf team. Whether you’re going for a clever pun or a witty play on words, these names are sure to bring some fun and laughter to your disc golf games. So get out there, tee up, and let the laughs roll as you dominate the course with your funny team name!

Huk and Giggle

Are you ready to have a blast on the disc golf course? Well, get ready to “huk and giggle” your way to victory with this hilarious team name. This name perfectly captures the spirit of disc golf, where the main goal is to have fun and enjoy the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the “Huk and Giggle” team name will surely bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It’s a lighthearted and playful name that reflects the laid-back and enjoyable nature of disc golf.

So gather your teammates, put on your game face, and get ready to “huk and giggle” your way to victory. With this team name, you’re guaranteed to have a great time on the course and create lasting memories with your friends. Let the laughter and good times roll!

Disc in a Box

Looking for a fun and creative team name for your disc golf team? Consider “Disc in a Box”! This name combines the excitement of disc golf with a clever play on words.

A disc golf team called “Disc in a Box” not only showcases the love for the sport but also adds a touch of humor. It implies that the disc is contained within a box, creating a playful image in the minds of others.

The name “Disc in a Box” can also serve as a conversation starter during tournaments or friendly matches. It can spark curiosity and intrigue among other players, making your team memorable.

To add more uniqueness and branding to your team, consider designing a logo that incorporates a disc inside a box. This logo can be featured on team apparel, discs, and banners, further establishing your team’s identity.

So, if you’re looking for a team name that combines humor and a love for disc golf, “Disc in a Box” is the perfect choice. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face and make others chuckle too!

Fore Some Fun

If you’re looking for a way to add some excitement to your disc golf team, why not go with a funny team name? A clever and humorous team name can add a lighthearted and fun atmosphere to your games.

Here are some team name ideas that are sure to make you and your teammates chuckle:

  • Disc It and Quit It: Because who wants to hold onto their discs for too long?
  • Frisbee Fairies: Watch out, these fairies will magically make their discs disappear!
  • Huck Norris and the Roundhouse Kicks: This team is known for their powerful throws and kicks.
  • Throw Hard or Go Home: These players know that you have to give it your all on the course.
  • Disc Doctors: When it comes to disc golf, these players always have the remedy.
  • The Disc-iples: This team follows the disc golf teachings religiously.
  • Throwin’ Shade: For those who like to throw their discs with a bit of attitude.
  • Hang Time Heroes: These players are known for their impressive hang time.
  • Par-Tee Animals: No one parties harder after a round of disc golf.
  • Frisbee Fanatics: These players eat, sleep, and breathe disc golf.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game. So pick a team name that makes you and your teammates smile, and get out there and have a blast on the course!

Disc Divas

The Disc Divas team is all about female empowerment on the disc golf course. These women are not only dedicated to the sport, but also to having a good time and bringing a lot of laughter to the game. They may not always have the most serious approach, but they certainly know how to have fun. If you’re looking for a team that embodies the spirit of sisterhood and hilarity, the Disc Divas are the ones to watch out for on the course.

Here are some funny disc golf team names for the Disc Divas:

  • The Frisbee Feline Frenzy
  • The Diva Disc Dashers
  • The Girly Golf Gurus
  • The Queen Bees of Disc Golf
  • The Flirty Frolfers
  • The Diva Disc Dunkers
  • The Glamorous Golf Goddesses
  • The Disc Diva Dynamos
  • The Sassy Swing Sisters
  • The Lady Birdie Bombers

These names perfectly reflect the fun and fierce nature of the Disc Divas team. Whether you’re a fellow female competitor or just a spectator, you’re guaranteed to have a blast watching the Disc Divas in action. They bring a unique energy to the sport that is a joy to witness.

The Frolfing Fools

Are you ready to join the ranks of the Frolfing Fools? This team is all about having a good time on the disc golf course while embracing the foolishness that comes with the sport. If you’re looking for a team name that reflects your laid-back attitude and sense of humor, look no further!

1. Frolfing Fanatics

2. Disc Jockeys

3. Basket Cases

4. The Flying Saucers

5. Fore! Play

6. The Disc Holes

7. Par-tastic

8. The Frisbee Flingers

9. Disc Charged

10. The Disc Destroyers

11. Hole in None

12. The Frisbee Frenzy

13. Disc Drama

14. The Frolfing Fanatics

15. The Basket Bandits

16. Frolfing Funatics

17. The Disc Devils

18. Par-teasers

19. The Frisbee Fiends

20. Disc-tasteful

21. The Hole Seekers

22. Frisbee Free-for-alls

23. The Disc Dandies

24. Par-fectionists

25. The Frisbee Flingers

26. Disc Dashers

27. The Frolfing Furies

28. The Disc Destroyers

29. Par-ty Animals

30. The Frisbee Fanatics

31. Disc Divas

32. The Hole Hooligans

33. Frolfing Fanatics

34. The Basket Bashers

35. The Disc Dynamos

36. Hole Lotta Fun

37. The Frisbee Flickers

38. Disc Dukes

39. The Frolfing Fiascos

40. The Disc Disciples

41. Par Terrors

42. The Frisbee Flyers

43. Disc-o Fever

44. The Hole Hunters

45. Frolfing Fuzion

Choose a name that tickles your funny bone and get ready to dominate the disc golf course with your Frolfing Fools team!

Birdie Bombers

If you want a team name that shows your skills in making birdies on the disc golf course, look no further than the Birdie Bombers. This team knows how to launch those discs with precision and accuracy, leaving their opponents in awe. With their powerful throws and impressive long-range shots, the Birdie Bombers are always a force to be reckoned with. They excel at finding those perfect lines and sinking birdie putts with ease. Watch out for these players, because they have the ability to turn an ordinary round into a birdie-fest. So, if you’re looking for a name that embodies skill, accuracy, and a love for birdies, the Birdie Bombers are the perfect choice.

Basket Cases

If you’re looking for a team name that shows your unique sense of humor and love for disc golf, look no further than “Basket Cases”. This clever play on words combines the idea of disc golf baskets with the popular phrase “basket case”, which refers to someone who is considered crazy or eccentric.

By choosing “Basket Cases” as your team name, you’ll not only demonstrate your passion for the sport but also your ability to have a good laugh and not take things too seriously. It’s a lighthearted and fun name that is sure to make your opponents smile.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your inner basket case and bring some humor to the disc golf course, gather your team and proudly proclaim your name as “Basket Cases”. Get ready for a good laugh and some unforgettable moments on the green!

Tee-rific Team

Are you looking for a fun and unique name for your disc golf team? Look no further than the Tee-rific Team! This playful and clever name will surely make your opponents smile and laugh. With a name like Tee-rific, your team will stand out from the crowd and bring a positive energy to the course.

As a member of the Tee-rific Team, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie and competitive spirit of disc golf. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this team name will bring a sense of unity and lightheartedness to your group. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter with other players who will be curious about your team’s name.

When you step up to the tee, you’ll feel the excitement and anticipation of each throw. The Tee-rific Team will inspire you to aim for greatness and have a blast while doing it. With a name like Tee-rific, you can’t help but bring a smile to your face every time you say it.

So gather your friends, grab your discs, and join the Tee-rific Team. It’s all about having fun, enjoying the game, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to show off your skills and have a good laugh along the way. Tee-rific Team, here we come!

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