Gothic Cat Names For Girls

Choosing the perfect name for a new pet can be an exciting and sometimes challenging task. For cat owners who love the dark and mysterious, gothic cat names can offer a unique and intriguing choice. Whether you are inspired by Gothic literature, movies, music, or simply enjoy the darker side of life, a gothic name can reflect your cat’s personality and add an air of mystery to their presence.

When brainstorming gothic cat names for your female feline, you may draw inspiration from various sources. Consider iconic figures from Gothic literature, such as Morticia or Wednesday, characters from horror movies, like Elvira or Samara, or even supernatural beings like Lilith or Raven. Popular gothic themes like vampires, witches, and ghosts can also provide creative choices.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and be imaginative when naming your gothic girl cat. Experiment with words that evoke a sense of darkness, mystery, or Gothic elegance. Names like Luna, Nyx, Shadow, or Midnight can all capture the essence of a gothic cat while still being beautiful and enchanting. Remember that a gothic name can also reflect your cat’s unique personality or physical traits, so let your intuition guide you in finding the perfect name.


Nightshade is a perfect gothic cat name for a mysterious and enchanting feline. Just like the nightshade plant, which is often associated with darkness and magic, this name captures the essence of a cat who is both elegant and elusive.

Consider naming your feline friend Nightshade if she has a sleek black coat and captivating green eyes. This name is also suitable for a cat with a playful and mischievous personality, as nightshade plants have historically been associated with both medicinal and poisonous properties.

Pros Cons
Evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue May be associated with negativity or danger
Perfect for a black cat with green eyes Some people may find the name too dark or ominous
Suitable for a playful and mischievous cat Requires a cat with a certain personality to match the name

Overall, Nightshade is a gothic cat name that symbolizes the allure and enigmatic nature of a feline companion. It is a name that will make your cat stand out and leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets her.

Raven Black

Raven Black is a perfect name for a gothic cat. The name “Raven” symbolizes mystery and darkness, while “Black” represents the cat’s sleek and shiny black fur. This name perfectly captures the essence of a gothic cat, evoking images of nighttime, magic, and witchcraft.


Moonshadow is a mysterious and enchanting name for a gothic cat. Just like the soft glow of moonlight, cats named Moonshadow have an air of mystique surrounding them. They are often seen gallivanting around at night, their dark fur blending seamlessly with the shadows.

These cats are known for their graceful movements and keen instincts. They navigate the world with a quiet confidence, their piercing eyes always watching and observing. Moonshadow cats are often seen perched on high vantage points, surveying their surroundings and plotting their next move.

A Moonshadow cat is not only beautiful but also possesses a strong sense of independence. They prefer solitude and introspection, spending hours gazing out the window or exploring hidden corners of their environment. They are curious creatures who are always seeking knowledge and understanding.

Names that capture the essence of Moonshadow include Luna, Midnight, Shadow, Mystique, Velvet, Eclipse, Raven, Lilith, Nyx, and Salem. These names evoke the mysterious nature of the gothic cat and reflect their dark and alluring charm.

So, if you have a feline companion who exudes an air of mystery and grace, consider naming her Moonshadow. This name is the perfect fit for a gothic cat who is as mysterious and enchanting as the moon itself.


Salem is the perfect gothic cat name for a mysterious and enchanting feline. This name is inspired by the town of Salem, known for its dark history of witch trials. A black cat named Salem would embody the same mystique and intrigue as the infamous witches of Salem.

Here are some other reasons why Salem would make a great gothic cat name:

  • It is short and easy to pronounce, making it ideal for calling your cat.
  • The name has a dark and mystical vibe that is perfect for a gothic-themed cat.
  • The name Salem is associated with witches and black magic, adding to its gothic appeal.
  • Salem is a name that stands out and is sure to grab attention.

If you are looking for a gothic cat name that is both elegant and spooky, then Salem is the perfect choice.


Morticia is a perfect name for a gothic cat. Inspired by the iconic character from “The Addams Family,” Morticia is a dark and mysterious name that exudes elegance and sophistication.

With her long black fur and piercing green eyes, a cat named Morticia will command attention wherever she goes. She may have a calm and reserved demeanor, but don’t be fooled – there’s a mischievous and playful side to her as well.

Here are some other gothic cat names that complement Morticia:

  • Raven
  • Luna
  • Elvira
  • Salem
  • Wednesday
  • Shadow
  • Midnight
  • Dracula
  • Lucifer
  • Phantom

Whether you choose Morticia or one of these other gothic names, your cat is sure to have a name that reflects her mysterious and enchanting nature.


Lilith is a truly bewitching name for your gothic feline companion. This name has deep roots in mythology and folklore and is often associated with darkness and the occult. Lilith is believed to have been the first wife of Adam in Jewish tradition before Eve was created. In some tales, she is portrayed as a vengeful and demonic figure, while in others she is seen as a powerful independent woman who refused to be subservient to Adam.

Choosing Lilith as your cat’s name is a way to honor her unique and enchanting nature. It encapsulates the mysteriousness and allure that is often associated with gothic aesthetics. Lilith is a name that is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression, just like your gothic princess.

Example: “Lilith, it’s time for your nightly spellbinding dance across the moonlit rooftops.”


Belladonna is a mysterious and enchanting name for a gothic cat. Derived from Italian, Belladonna translates to “beautiful woman” in English. It is also the name of a poisonous plant, known for its dark and dangerous properties.

Choosing Belladonna as your cat’s name adds an air of mystery and elegance. It perfectly captures the essence of a gothic feline.

Here are a few more reasons why Belladonna is an excellent choice for your gothic girl cat:

  • Belladonna is associated with witches and magic, reflecting the mysterious nature of your cat.
  • The name has a dark and seductive quality, perfect for a gothic cat with a captivating presence.
  • Belladonna is a unique and uncommon name, ensuring that your cat stands out from the crowd.
  • It is a timeless name that will always be associated with glamour and mystique.

So, if you’re looking for a gothic name that embodies beauty, danger, and enchantment, Belladonna is the perfect choice for your girl cat.


Ophelia, derived from the Greek word “ophelos” meaning “help” or “benefit”, is a unique name for a gothic cat. It evokes a sense of mystery and beauty, making it a perfect choice for a feline companion with a dark and enchanting personality.

As an homage to the tragic character in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, Ophelia is associated with a sense of sadness and melancholy. This name would suit a cat who has a mysterious and pensive demeanor, with eyes that seem to hold a world of secrets.

When choosing this name for your gothic cat, you can embrace its literary and artistic connotations. Consider incorporating elements from the play, such as Elsinore, the name of the castle where the story takes place, or Gertrude, Ophelia’s mother. These unique names will add depth and meaning to your feline companion’s identity.

Another way to embrace the gothic nature of the name Ophelia is by drawing inspiration from dark and haunting imagery. Think of names like Raven, Luna, or Morticia, which embody the mystique and allure of the gothic aesthetic.

Ultimately, Ophelia is a name that stands out and captures the essence of a gothic cat. Whether you choose to embrace its literary roots or explore darker imagery, this name is perfect for a feline companion who embodies beauty, mystery, and a touch of darkness.

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